What’s Happening To America’s FREEDOMS

What’s Happening To America’s FREEDOMS

Regardless of one's personal, political perspective, and priorities, it's important to recognize, what America, has always represented, and stood

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Regardless of one’s personal, political perspective, and priorities, it’s important to recognize, what America, has always represented, and stood for, and why, we must never permit anyone, or anything, to limit our personal freedoms and liberties, which differentiate us, from the rest of the world! The late, great, comedian, George Carlin, perhaps, summed this up, better than anyone, when after the atrocities, and tragedies, of September 11, 2001, with his routine and commentary, which was referred to, as, Then, the Terrorists Win! His emphasis was, if in our attempt to seek safety and security, against those with terrorism, on their minds, and place these, above protecting and securing all our freedoms, then, these terrorists, will have won, because they would have successfully, adversely impacted, our way of life! Today, many believe, we again, being challenged, by leadership, focused on stoking fears, rather than, truly, making America, greater! What’s happening to America’s FREEDOMS? This article will attempt to review this concept, using the mnemonic approach.

What27sHappeningToAmerica27sFREEDOMS - What's Happening To America's FREEDOMS

1. Future: When the focus is on present obstacles, without considering the future, from the perspective of future needs, and a sustainable future, rather than making decisions, based on short-term, immediate obstacles and challenges, America prospers! When Donald Trump, articulates, his, Make America Great Again, slogan, it emphasizes a populist approach, rather than considering the finest, sustainable solutions. One can never attack any freedoms and liberties, merely because it fits into a political agenda, etc!

2. Relevant; religion: When, either as a candidate or, even after being elected, President Trump, makes statements, which many perceive as attacking certain ethnicities, religious groups, etc, it’s dangerous to America! Attacking anyone’s religious freedom, is the first step, towards permitting, a tyranny of prioritizing a personal, political agenda! Populism is far different from relevant leadership!

3. Empathize: Empathy means listening to as many perspectives as possible, not merely those, who agree! When an agenda, is based, on favoring supporters over others, freedoms are endangered!

4. Emphasis: One must pay keen attention to a political leader’s true emphasis, and whether the highest priority is the needs of the citizens, and the overall, common good!

5. Dreams; donations: The United States, has, always, been, the land of dreams, liberties, and freedoms! Beware, when anyone seems, to prioritize his agenda, based on who gives, the largest donations!

6. Options; opportunities; opinion: While we want public leaders, to honestly, articulate their personal opinion, it’s important for options and opportunities, as well as relevant, sustainable solutions, to be considered and addressed!

7. Motivating: Only when all Americas, or at least, the vast majority, regardless of political priorities, are serving, is a leader, consistently, motivated, in a clear-cut, freedoms – oriented, manner, will America, continue, to be, truly great!

8. Sustainable solutions: What could be more important, than securing, the liberties, and freedoms, our nation, has always represented? Only when one focuses on sustainable solutions, rather than popularity, political agenda, and/ or self – interest, will freedom, be served!

Beware, we must always protect our FREEDOMS, in a vigilant, consistent manner! We’ve seen, what may happen, when nations ignore the rights of all citizens, and never, again, hope to witness, those atrocities!