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Check Out 5 Significant Landmarks of England

London is the capital of England and is one of the most famous cities in the world. It has many sights and monuments that you must see when you get there. No trip to England would be complete without a full tour of London. England offers a wide range of travel options for animates, which is one of the reasons that it is still one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

England offers travellers countless cultural, historical and artistic treasures to experience. From the ancient ruins of Stonehenge to the beautiful salons of Windsor Castle, you can follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous figures in history, while the spectacular geological features of the fascinating coastline of the island prove that there are endless natural sights in England are to enjoy.

1. Stratford

19 - Check Out 5 Significant Landmarks of England

England and is one of the most important parts of the London plan. Stratford was originally known as Stratford (meaning Ford on a Roman road). Once used as agricultural land, it later experienced a fervent transition to the industrial age. All this happened with the introduction of the railways in 1839. With vigorous growth in the economic arena, Stratford experienced a sharp increase in population and, after 110 years part of Greater London. With the tremendous growth of rail service and the significant growth of the industry, Stratford has paved the way for distinguishing itself as one of London’s most famous commercial cities. Recently, Stratford received more attention for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

2. Wembley

21 - Check Out 5 Significant Landmarks of England

Wembley is pretty famous all over the world. Wembley Stadium, breathtaking in the Wembley Stadium, northwest London. The name Wembley derives its etymological origin from the old English words Wemba & Lea which are officially mentioned in the 825 charter by King Beornwulf.

The town of Wembley was formed by the clearing of Harrow Road South as it was not far away from the main points of the city and the atmosphere was mostly wooded. It is surprising to learn that there were only 15 houses there in 1547. However, it was ahead of other places in terms of economic splendour.

3. Victoria Street

23 - Check Out 5 Significant Landmarks of England

If you are a compulsive shopping addict, you cannot sit back and relax. Name the best brands in the world and you’ll find them in seconds. Victoria Street extends the east-west axis from Victoria Station to the Broad Shrine at Westminster Abbey. The street has developed since 2006 with the increase of more restaurants, shopping centres and international banks.

4. Peninsula Square

18 - Check Out 5 Significant Landmarks of England

Peninsula Square is a famous part of South London and is located in the Royal Greenwich area. The aerial view of the Square Peninsula is amazing as it is surrounded by the Thames, the Dog Islands to the west and Silvertown to the east. A walk on Peninsular Square is a great pleasure for visitors as it contains many sites such as the Dome, the O2, also known as the Millennium Dome and the Blackwall Tunnel. With the recent development of more housing, offices and educational institutions, the region has become a well-known landmark in South London.

5. Hyde Park Corner

24 - Check Out 5 Significant Landmarks of England

Ask someone from Hyde Park Corner and you will get an easy address to get to the place. This place is important because it serves as a meeting place for Park Lane, Knightsbridge, Piccadilly and Grosvenor Place. The easiest way to get to the place is to take the train to Hyde Park Corner. One of the points of attention at Hyde Park Corner is the presence of the bow of the constitution, also known as Wellington’s Arch, designed by Decimus Burton in memory of the Duke of Wellington. Mark the north gate of Buckingham Palace.

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