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Internet Marketing Experts Know The Difference Between A WordPress Blog Page And Post

InternetMarketingExperts - Internet Marketing Experts Know The Difference Between A WordPress Blog Page And Post


Internet Marketing Experts Know The Difference Between A WordPress Blog Page And Post

The WordPress Blog software is a very versatile program. With hundreds of themes to choose from, a beginning blogger can easily customize a blog site to fit their personality and needs. Additional software programs called Plugins provide an easy way to enhance the site and make it more visible to readers and the Search Engines. When working on a blog, most of our content is published through Blog Posts. You can include text, images, and even videos in a post. WordPress also allows you to create Blog Pages on your site. There is the subtle but distinct difference between a blog post and a blog page that I would like to discuss further.

Blog Posts: As mentioned before, most of our content is published on the Internet by way of Blog Posts. Posts show up on our site in reverse chronological order with your most recent post at the top of the blog HOME page. Within the WordPress Dashboard, you will find a POSTS module with a drop-down menu that allows you to create and customize your post. The items in the drop-down menu include:


• Posts: The Posts link will take you to a page that will list all the posts that are currently published on your blog. WordPress allows you view and edit an existing post, or delete the post permanently. Again, the posts will appear in reverse chronological order with your most recent post at the top of the page.

• Add New: The Add New link opens up the WordPress writing application that is very similar to Microsoft Word. The first field at the top of the page is the title field. You enter the title separately from the rest of the text. The format bar of the writing application has all the features of other word processor programs and in addition allows you to include images, pictures, and videos in your posts.

• Category: Categories are different subtopics within your blog. For instance, if your blog topic covers Internet Marketing, you could include a category concerning Internet Marketing Training. Another category might be Internet Marketing Methods. The WordPress categories will show up either along the top of your blog page or in a sidebar depending on the theme you are using. Within a category, you can designate a subcategory also.

• Post Tags: Post Tags are keywords that you include in a blog post. The tags or keywords will help your post and indirectly your blog shows up on the Search Engine Results. This will help increase visitors to your site.

Blog Pages: Blog pages differ from blog posts is that a blog page is usually static. By static I mean, we create a page and do not edit that page very often. An example of a common blog page is an ABOUT ME page. This is where the blog author can write a bit about him or herself. Most authors include a short history of their lives and maybe some hobbies and interests. Another common page is a CONTACT page where you can list email addresses and phones numbers. Very seldom does the information on a page change. Also within the WordPress Dashboard, you will find a PAGES module with the same drop-down menu. Inside the pages module you will find:

• Pages: The Pages link will also take you to a list of all the blog pages that you have created. Again, the WordPress software allows you to view and edit an existing page, or delete it permanently.

• Add New: Just as with the Add New link under the posts module, a writing application is included in the pages module that you can use to create your blog pages. This application is exactly the same as the posts writing an application.

Once you have your WordPress blog up and running, spend some time in the Dashboard going through the menu modules and familiarize yourself with all the feature of the WordPress software. You will want to spend most of your time creating great original content that you can quickly post to your blog for the world to see.

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