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How To Use 2 or More WhatsApp in 1 Phones

2 or More WhatsApp in 1 Phones

Aside from being the world’s best chat application WhatsApp is also now known as the most secure application and can be trusted to send secret messages.

Whatsapp uses the encryption end-to-end to protect each user’s mailbox so that it cannot be read by anyone except the sender and the recipient of the message itself.

Security features in WhatsApp is a type of highest encryption in its class that is 256-bit. So far there has not been a hacker or expert IT can break or damage the magnitude 256-bit encryption. Plus more supply experts IT from Facebook. Yes, Facebook bought WhatsApp on 2014 last year and now WhatsApp became one of the parts of Facebook besides Instagram.

In addition to the security features turned out WhatsApp also has various other advanced features that continue to be developed until this very second. Advanced features like send files directly in chat mode, login in the browser on a computer with Bar Code up to WhatsApp for Business that was recently released in the form of a separate application.

But because the security of a super tight WhatsApp makes every one unable to login to account if a phone number is missing or inactive. It’s no secret if WhatsApp allows only users logged in through an active phone number verification.

And unfortunately, everyone is only able to use one application in one mobile phone. But now it’s almost all manufacturers of smartphones has two sim card slots which can be both active simultaneously.

Really unfortunate if the second card we want to use to register with WhatsApp but hindered by rules that only allow one application WhatsApp in one device. There is no legitimate way to run 2 or more WhatsApp in 1 phones (except phones Xiaomi that already supports Second Room and Dual App).

So what if other than mobile phone Xiaomi?

Well, this question often pops up in various places, offline as well as online. My friend in a house also often ask things like this and now it’s time I rushed to write this article is specific to users of Android phones in addition to Xiaomi that wants to use 2 or more WhatsApp in 1 Android phone.



How To Use 2 or More WhatsApp in 1 Phones


NOTE: You have to give free space on the storage of the phone in order to use many WhatsApp in one mobile phone.


1. Using Dual Apps

There are many application developers can create sophisticated cloning applications or games on your Android phone. By using Dual Apps you will easy to clone any application including WhatsApp into two.

Easy to find Dual Apps on Google Play Store, but you must have noticed how well their reputation. I recommend you to use Parallel Space to create Dual Apps on Android phones.

Parallel Space - How To Use 2 or More WhatsApp in 1 Phones

Even though this application is quite heavy (because it contains an ad) but you will discover the powerful features that do not exist in other applications. However, if you feel disturbed by ads, you can remove it by way of upgrading to a paid version of them.

In addition to Parallel is still a lot of similar applications that you can try one by one to get the best according to you personally.

2. WhatsApp Modification (WA Mod)

WhatsApp application that has been modified into a second alternative after Dual Apps. Using WA Mod you can install multiple app WhatsApp separately from the official app WhatsApp and this would certainly be more interesting.

Many applications WhatsApp that has been modified and added some features that were previously not available on the application of the official WhatsApp. Call it GBWA, FMWA and YOWA where average their features almost similar to a Theme Changer, Fonts and Privacy.

Multiple WhatsApp App - How To Use 2 or More WhatsApp in 1 Phones

Modification makers are allotted of WhatsApp Mod for free on the internet and that you can find and download easily. There are even a few that create the official website for the application Mod like a GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp.

A matter of security, WhatsApp Mod is certainly safe because they only change display only and not modify the application system. Server core and a variety of sensitive data remain still use proprietary of WhatsApp official.

I personally use this WA Mod applications since last year and there are no any problems I found. So, I consider using application WA Mod is becoming an alternative to install 2 or more WhatsApp in 1 phones.

That’s the way to installing 2 or more WhatsApp in 1 phones. For you that need multiple accounts, WhatsApp will certainly help by the presence of Dual Apps and WA this Mod. What else for you frequently interact with the client.

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