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How to Save / Download Images from Google Maps

How to Download Image from Google Maps
Sometimes we want to save images that we find on the internet, but some sites forbid the images to be downloaded for various reasons.

One popular site, Google Maps, stores a lot of images that we sometimes need for reference or just remembering that location. Unfortunately, we cannot save or download it. Despite the fact, the picture is public and can be found by anyone on the internet.

The simplest way and can be done in one second to take a picture is by screenshot. However, some people are not satisfied with just screenshots.

In here will share information on how to save high-quality original images on Google Maps. There are no tricks or supporting software, we only use the browser and internet connection to get the images we want from Google Maps!


Step by step to Download Images from Google Maps :


1. Open Google Maps ( from your browser.
2. Find a location where there is an image that you want is there.

Google Maps 1020x570 1 - How to Save / Download Images from Google Maps
3. Click the image and move the cursor to the center of the image, then press the CTRL + Shift + C hotkey together. Then the Inspect Element window will open.
4. Hover your cursor over the Applications section and look for the Images field.

Google Maps Inspect Element 1020x570 1 - How to Save / Download Images from Google Maps
5. Click one by one the picture link there and see the preview on the right side.

Google Maps View Original Image 1020x570 1 - How to Save / Download Images from Google Maps

NOTE: Each image has various sizes available in the Inspect Element menu, so you need to sort them one by one to find the best quality. Usually with sizes above 1000 px.
6. If you find the image you want, right-click the mouse on the preview image and not in a new tab. And you can also download images or save them at the full quality!

Congratulations, you can now search and download any image from Google Maps!

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