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How To Resolve The Problem Can’t Get Into BIOS (UEFI DualBIOS)

How To Resolve The Problem Can't Get Into BIOS (UEFI DualBIOS)
A few days ago I was having problems can’t get into the BIOS via HotKey because I set Fast Boot to Ultra Fast. After I find out the problem can’t get into the BIOS caused by those settings which means the computer will enter as soon as possible to the Windows without waiting for boot screen pause that full screen logo the brand of mobo. As a result I cannot change any settings in the BIOS settings including Fast Boot itself.

For hours I was looking for a solution at internet to be able to get into the BIOS but does not find the correct answer. I have asked to some computer discussion forum but all answered the same thing, HotKey button I press is wrong.

Because it has not got the right answers, I thinking in order to be able to get into the BIOS, and after I find out about side effects if the feature Ultra Fast is enabled, that all the hardware connected to computer will not work before the system goes into Windows (which doesn’t work if the Ulta Fast enabled are: keyboard, mouse and speakers).

So, no matter how fast whatever we are pressing the HotKey F1-F12 or Del it would be useless because the keyboard does not function before the log on to Windows.

How do I get we can go into the BIOS and disable this Ultra Fast feature? Here’s way that I use:

Finally I found the solution myself to resolve this issue in a way that is a little troublesome, namely removing the hard drive and install a bootable pendrive already with linux.

HDD - How To Resolve The Problem Can’t Get Into BIOS (UEFI DualBIOS)

WARNING: to remove the internal hard drive of the computer needs to be extra cautious because damage may occur. Make sure there are those experts beside you who stood so that you do not the difficulties in uninstalling and installing it again.

Because I think by removing the harddisk, booting the computer will halt the moment because the system confused when searching for OS and automatically selects the second option that is OS in the pendrive bootable.


Flash drive bootable is flash drive already installed the operating system and can be run without having to install it first to internal hard drive. To make a bootable flash drive, you can use a Linux operating system that supports “Live on USB” and with the help of software Rufus to make it bootable.

Essentially, bootable flash drive just a to terms as a replacement for the operating system (OS) that are in the internal hard disk, because if there is absolutely no OS is most likely your computer will detect the error and the result failed to boot.

Well at the time the computer booted before entering the OS on flash drive bootable of course there will be a pause of a few moments in screen logo mobo, that’s when you can make the most to get into the BIOS by pressing the HotKey (each computer vary but most HotKey wear the F2, F10, F12 and Delete).

BIOS UEFI DualBIOS - How To Resolve The Problem Can’t Get Into BIOS (UEFI DualBIOS)

After getting into BIOS simply disable the Fast Boot be Disable.

By use this way I can enter the BIOS again easily. That’s how resolve the problem can’t get into BIOS (UEFI DualBIOS) that I can tell.

NOTE: If you often set through the BIOS do not activate features Ultra Fast on Fast Boot menu. But if you never and don’t want to go into the BIOS at all okay to activate it.

Of course I personally recommend to keep does not enable Ultra Fast since it can be troublesome on your at a later time.

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