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Easy Way To Save Storage Space Web Hosting

Save Storage Space Web Hosting

If you build a website using CMS like WordPress or Joomla, certainly you use web hosting to store all data in a website such as a web framework, database, text, images, video, audio and more.

Multimedia data that large will certainly make your web hosting capacity becomes full, even very fast full-when you upload a file every day.

Because it is often the case on everyone who is not yet too understand web hosting, so I want to share simple tips to save storage capacity web hosting (disk space).

There are several ways to do your web hosting storage capacity savings and most often used is the multimedia savings which include images, video and audio.

For you who have a lot of costs, certainly don’t have to think about this because you can upgrade storage capacity web hosting as needed, but for those who want to stay afloat in the current capacity, could read this article until thoroughly in order to save disk space hosting and also costs.



Easy Way To Save Storage Space Web Hosting


1. Save The Video On Third-Party Sites

To save storage space web hosting in particular video files, must all of you already know. Using YouTube as an alternative to save the video to be shown on a web page, of course will be very valuable for saving web hosting storage space.

In addition to YouTube, there are still some similar sites that can store entire video – the video you want to display on your web page like a Dailymotion and Vimeo. But it would be nice if you keep video it on YouTube because there will be more secure and has unlimited storage space.

2. Save Audio In Third-Party Sites

Audio is also often used to make postings on various specific website or blog about music. Any audio files typically have the file size is varied and almost average more than 1Mb.

If suppose save a few dozen music files, web hosting with a low capacity will certainly be uprooted because it was too full. Thus, you can also use a third-party site to store audio files, particularly music.

Audio storage sites on the internet today quite a lot, some of which are SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and Hulkshare. You can upload and embed audio into your web page or blog using HTML code like an embed video from YouTube.

3. Save Images In Third-Party Sites

The image is one of the often large-sized files (depending on the quality and pixel images). For images captured using advanced camera will have a larger file size, between 3Mb until 5Mb per image.

If the hosting you have only 500Mb of storage capacity, of course only 250 images (calculated per image 2Mb) that can be accommodated by hosting and even then do not include images that copied the automatic that normally made by CMS to thumbnail images, features or slideshow.

When your hosting account fully, you got a notice a warning because it has reached the maximum limit of disk space usage.

Well, to fix is to utilize a third-party site to save your large size of an image. Third-party sites I mean is Image Hosting such as Imgur or Postimg and the like.

You can upload the image you want to display on the web page by calling HTML Image Tag or BBCode. So you do not need to store images that are large on hosting, but in a third-party Image Hosting sites.


If you do not want to save the images on other sites, you can use an alternative method to save storage space hosting with image compresses or minimize the file size of the image without destroying its quality.

Now, compresses images easier now with so many sites Online Image Compression that can be found easily in Google. Compressing the images with online sites like TinyJPG can reduce the image size up to a maximum of 80% of its original size.

TinyJPG - Easy Way To Save Storage Space Web Hosting

Of course, these things will save storage space web hosting you.

In addition, tip saving storage space above can also be done manually through control panel web hosting. You can check the Disk Usage and find out the location of a large file on a web folder if anyone looks big size and contains useless files you can delete it manually.

Disk Usage - Easy Way To Save Storage Space Web Hosting

WARNING: Be careful in deleting files in the web folder you because if there are files that are working and related to your web erased, will damage your structure of the web.

Checking periodically to ensure the web hosting you keep it clean of data that isn’t important or file that was not needed anymore.

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