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Bluestacks vs NOX Which Is Better?

Bluestacks vs NOX

Bluestacks and Nox are both Android Emulator that is most familiar and frequently used by the public people to run Android applications and games on computer or Laptop.

If you ask, Which is the best Android Emulator? Bluestacks or Nox? Then I will answer both of them equally the best!

Why I can answer both since I’ve tried both on different computers and laptops, namely Intel® and AMD and running smoothly.

As we know Bluestacks already releasing an updated version some time ago i.e. Bluestacks 3 and NOX was not willing to stay silent and do not want to be left behind to get released their latest version, NOX 6.

Advantages and disadvantages of both Android Emulator above very clearly, the Bluestacks 3 is perfect for computer or laptop using Intel® processors while the NOX 6 more focus to the AMD processor and lightly used if your computer or laptop used AMD processor.

That’s the reason I chose both as The Best Android Emulator in 2020. There are indeed many competitors Bluestacks and NOX App Player but almost everyone that uses the Android Emulator choose Bluestacks and NOX App Player as the best option.

You can compare the two in different devices and feel the difference.

What are benefits of the Android Emulator?

Android emulator is a software that can install and use on your computer or laptop to run Android applications and games just like on a mobile phone.

You can even use the Android Emulator for the various activities like as on your mobile phone. Being able to chat with instant messaging application like WhatsApp, BBM, LINE, and it could also be for use as large monitors if you enjoy playing the game of mobile phones.



Disadvantages of Android Emulator


Social Media Accounts Blocked

Why can social media accounts blocked because it uses the Android Emulator? Because the Android Emulator has established itself there that the UserAgent is usually not official from mobile phone company. So, social media consider that login with your account on Android Emulator are unknown and create an account blocked automatically by the social security system of the media.

But don’t worry, if you have a personal social media account quite as safe as mobile phone number and email your own. You can still open a social media account in case of automatic blocking by following the steps.

Slowing Down Your Computer or Laptop

In addition to creating social media accounts are blocked, the Android Emulator can also reduce the performance of your computer or laptop you because it uses a lot of resources such as memory and graphics. So make sure your computer is eligible system requirements required by each vendor Android Emulator.

Bluestacks 3 Recommended System
Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-680
RAM memory: 6GB
Graphics Card: 2GB
Visit official website :

NOX 6 Recommended System
Operating System: Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7
Processor: AMD-V (must support virtualization)
RAM memory: 4GB
Graphics Card: 1GB
Visit official website :


Android Emulator Make You Lazy

Because the Android Emulator can run almost all of the applications and games that are in Play Store, you might will install applications and games you fondness as much as possible. With the unconscious you will continuously play it and lead to lazy to do anything else on the computer. Indeed not everyone can wither away in to the appeal of Android Emulator.
Still there was a lot of Android Emulator that you can use besides the Bluestacks and NOX, some of which you can see here.

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