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Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Video Editing Software
Video Editing Software is a program that is used to create a variety of video editing purposes such as cutting, adding or merging, deleting certain sections, making the slow motion, add text or subtitle, add effects or animation, add or replace the audio or sound in video, changing video formats and many more other for video processing purposes that are certainly more than I mentioned.
  • Is there any Best Video Editing Software and running smoothly for computers that can be free?
  • Any software which is the most recommended and the most qualified?
  • What software is most up to date?
  • Where can I find and download the software?


I think you will also think such questions above if it does not know which software should be used to editing the video. If so, please continue to read this article thoroughly so you can find the best Video Editing Software.

For those of you who’ve now loved the Vlog (Video Blog), software video editor below deserve to you have as a tool to help create a wide range of cool videos and to begin the initial phase of the vlog. You can try one by one to find which most appropriate to their needs.

Choosing a Best Video Editing Software based NLE (Non-Linear Editor) is sometimes not easy. Because everyone’s got a point of view that is different from the other, then the order of the list of the best video editing application below is not a benchmark because they certainly have a different taste. The best, in my opinion, is not necessarily the best for the other, and vice versa.

Best Video Editing Software will reinforce the value of art that you have. Software in use will also affect the results obtained. Therefore, the best software will be able to complement the capabilities of each user. The following Video Editing Software you may need to try one by one to find which one is the most suitable and easy to use.



Best Free Video Editing Software



Blender Video Editing Software 1020x570 1 - Best Free Video Editing Software

This software proved to be successful make a variety of professional video in the world film. Many animated films created using Blender as a film Agent 237, Sintel. Alien Obsession, The Daily Dweebs gathering W/Laundromat, Cosmos, Big Buck Bunny and much more.

Blender is the best but was need to focus more when compared to other Video Editing software. One of the things that need to be mastered is the keyboard shortcut where shortcuts will assist any process modelling and help speed up the utilization of existing tools.

In addition to the tool, in the Blender has also provided many suppose 3D image object plane, cube, circle, UVsphere. ICO sphere, Cylinder, and many more such pictures then you can shape into 3D images fit the shape of the character on desire.


OpenShot Video Editing Software 1020x570 1 - Best Free Video Editing Software

OpenShot video editor that was originally available in Linux operating systems. But over time much of the Windows user that is using OpenShot. OpenShot is a showcase of the best Jonathan Thomas with a license under the GNU (General Public License).

OpenShot is present in a simple design and is suitable for a beginner with a display that is flexible and easy to understand. Similar to the interface of video editing software in general. However, there are certainly different from the OpenShot, track without limits that are used as a layer of images, video and audio in a project.

You can also create a layer as much as possible for the purposes of editing such as watermarks, audio tracks and video tracks, background etc. And of course there are still many tools and features that you can own exploration such as effects, clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation, and cutting, 3D text animation, digital video effects, audio mixing, and many more.

Davinci Resolve Studio

Davinci Resolve Studio Video Editing Software 1020x570 1 - Best Free Video Editing Software

This video editing software non-linear have a more large size compared with other software. This application is designed with advanced colour corrector, resolution independent, scalable and suitable use for personal, corporate or even big studio such as Hollywood film editor.

The interface looks more complex than other video editing software certainly makes this software is different from other video editing software.

Davinci Resolve Studio in creating by Blackmagic who participate in creating free software with a touch of a colour different from others. Software that is widely used in the world of this film can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. With this software, you can create various art video quality possible you’ve never created before.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Video Editing Software 1020x570 1 - Best Free Video Editing Software

Many people are of the opinion that Movie Maker is simple to learn and use, even for a beginner. With the design of a simple, Movie Maker timeline much preferred by computer users.

Movie Maker is perfect to use if you want to create a variety of video editing purposes such as making videos from photos full of transitions and cool effects, add songs into a video, slow motion, cut video, slip a video into another video, add sound from the recording, video subtitling, and others.

The interesting part of Movie Maker is user-friendly, has a full-featured and powerful. You can perform a variety of exploration in terms of processing the video and also create video slideshows from photos. You can put it with dozens of effects and an amazing tool. This video editing software as well can also be used as a tool to upload a video to social networking including YouTube.


VideoPad Video Editing Software 1020x570 1 - Best Free Video Editing Software

Videopad is one of favourite software for a beginner in learning to edit video. With a minimal size but contained many features and tools. In addition, Videopad is user-friendly and one of the most lightweight video editing software for your computer because the size is small.

With Videopad I think a techniques video editing basic level is already in the software it’s like eliminating sound recording, narration on the video, create subtitles, create video slideshows from photos, split video, merge videos, tuck video, video effects, audio effects, and much more.


VirtualDub Video Eiting Software 720x570 1 - Best Free Video Editing Software

VirtualDub is already provided various basic video editing features such as split and cut video, combines video, rotate video and much more.

View from the look and the features available on VirtualDub, it seems the software is suitable for beginners to learn to edit video. VirtualDub can also be downloaded for free from their official site.
Of the many the best free video editing software above, which do you think is suitable?

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