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How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL

How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL
Because many people who have difficulty uploading large files to Google Drive so in this article I will discuss how to How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL that can save the internet quota you because there is no need to download or upload a file from device. Simply by entering the URL of the file that you want to save to Google Drive.

How to upload files to Google Drive via URL is rarely used by people because it is still a bit of a website that provides Remote file Upload feature to Google Drive. Moreover Google does not provide facilities to upload files remotely.

Okay for you who want to keep or use the Google server Drive as a means to save files could be read this article until the end.

What is advantage of storing files on Google Drive?

When asked the question of profit is of course very much, Google as Google Drive owners definitely prioritizes the security of any data or files stored in the cloud. In addition we can also get the full speed when downloading files from Google Drive servers.

For example, I want to download a large file from a server outside the country such as Kali Linux that are less more 3GB, download speed certainly is very slow and not full speed because the file server to be away from my location.

Well to overcome the slowness of the process of downloading large files we can use Google Drive as a place to temporarily store before downloading large files (just to take advantage of the speed of the download). This can be done if your internet ISP does have fast download speed from Google Drive.

Because Google Drive does not provide feature upload via URL, so you need to use a third-party site to do so. Here’s how:



How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL

1. Make sure you are logged into Google Drive account and check the availability of storage space your account. Do not let the file which you want to upload exceeds the storage space that you have.

Google Drive Storage Space - How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL

When storage space is still relief, meaning you can use it freely and if almost full, please select to delete files and data that is not important. The other option is to use another account which is still blank if the main Google Drive account you are already full of important data.
2. If your Google Drive is ready, now you can upload the file via the URL by using the features provided by third-party sites namely

NOTICE: Now the SaveToDrive third-party site has stopped operating and I recommend other alternatives that you can use to upload files remotely to Google Drive. Please read the method in this article.

This site provides many options for uploading files to a variety of online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, pCloud, Dailymotion and YouTube.

SaveToDrive - How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL

If you want to upload to Google Drive, click the Google Drive and if you want to upload to other storage sites select brand icon. (Before choosing another storage icon, make sure you already have an account)
3. When the icons in a click you will be taken to a page where they are request authentication access to get connected with your storage account. In this example I’m using the Google Drive and if I allow access to it then the icon will show a green and ready to upload a file from remote servers.

Allow Google Drive - How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL
4. Enter the URL of the file that you want to save or upload to Google Drive.

Remote Upload Google Drive - How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL

NOTE: Make sure the URL you entered in file upload boxes is a correct URL for example:


Do not enter the URL that is created automatically by the system or short link like:


If you have already click verification, click Upload button and wait a few seconds until the page responded by showing the process of uploading files to Google Drive. Usually only a few seconds for a file size of 3GB.
5. When finished check the Google Drive page if the file upload has already appeared or not. If the message from Savetodrive declared a success, means that files uploaded successfully and will instantly appear on the pages of Google Drive you right then and there.

Success Upload Files - How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL

That’s the way How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL. Very easy and short, you only need the URL the correct file if you want to upload successfully.

If you still have trouble understanding this article please see this video for more details.

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