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How To Use FTP On Android Phone

How To Use FTP On Android Phone

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is now available on all major operating systems including Android phones. FTP itself is used by some computer software as a means to transfer files (send and receive) that we often we know the term upload and download.

Not just in the computer, it turns out that the FTP protocol is also available on Android this often now use as a feature to transfer files between devices such as computer and server.

Many android apps that use FTP to send and receive data using the FTP protocol access. Sample Android applications that support the delivery of files using FTP is the ES File Explorer, Solid File Manager and File Manager+.

For other purposes such as administering the website, FTP is very necessary to transmit, receive, move, delete, edit and manage other web activities. If using a computer, the FTP client software for computers can be found easily, call it Filezilla, Cyberduck and WinSCP. All can be used to manage the backend web and certainly safe because all FTP software client for the computer currently already supporting FTPS and SFTP protocol connection, i.e. the FTP connection is more secure and encrypted.

How do I use the FTP on the Android to manage the web?

To manage the web especially through the backend, you can use the File Manager application that provides FTP client features. There are a dozen Files Manager app on Google Play Store already provides FTP on the menu as I’ve mentioned above.



How To Use FTP On Android Phone

Simply fill out the login form with the FTP login information that you have, then log in with that account, you will be exposed to the entire data in the web and could perform an upload, download, edit, move and delete files or folders that exist in the web directory.

FTP Connection - How To Use FTP On Android Phone

INFORMATION: most web hosting providers will only grant FTP access only, while hosting the VPS provide SFTP, so adjust it with hosted services you have.

After you choose the connection protocol, the next step is to fill out the form to login.

Form Login FTP - How To Use FTP On Android Phone

Login to make sure the data you entered is correct. If the login is successful, you will instantly be able to see all the files and folders that are in the web hosting directory.

Directory Web - How To Use FTP On Android Phone

If you want to edit it, it can be done directly from the application File Manager+. Click one of the files that you want to edit, and then open it in a text form.

NOTE: not all android phones have features of text editors, if you fail to open and edit the file, it means your phone does not have the features of the text editor and have to use a 3rd party application like QuickEdit, Turbo Editor or similar applications.

Edit File - How To Use FTP On Android Phone

To do the upload, you simply copy files is in the folder of the local mobile phone then paste in the folder web hosting via FTP. As for downloading files from web hosting to local, using exactly the same way, but the opposite.

Convenience is certainly going to make we can manage your website from anywhere and at any time we want, as long as it is connected to the internet.

Access FTP to manage web on Android phones still seems to be rare in interest by the webmaster, but it will be something very important if there are things that need urgent, FTP handling in the android sure be an alternative the most appropriate without opening a laptop or computer.

That’s the way to use FTP in Android phone to manage website the easiest and quick. I myself often use FTP from File Manager+. The reason is if only to upload, download, delete and move files or folder, with FTP in a phone would certainly be easier to do.

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